power of meditation 2022

The power of meditation is basically to be aware

Basically, meditation is the art of being aware. Meditation is the art of being aware of what is happening inside and outside of you.

 Science and technology, which have completely changed our outer lives, originally originated in the West. Similarly, the East has given us the sources of such science which can radically change our inner life. Today, like the bulb of electricity, meditation is also a cosmic fact – one illuminates the outside world, and the other the inner world. But in the process of becoming cosmic, many misconceptions have arisen about meditation.

What is meditation--

Meditation is a movement -- the broadest movement on which the human mind can set out.
 Meditation is just being – not doing anything – no action, no thought, no feeling. You are just And it is pure bliss. Where does this joy come from when you are not doing anything? It doesn't come from somewhere or it just comes from somewhere. It is without reason because this existence is made out of that element which is called bliss is the witness, the soul of meditation - the food of meditation is consciousness, witnessing.

Whenever you get an opportunity, give up all activities, thinking is also action, concentration is also action, and even contemplation, if you are in inaction even for a moment, you are only in self, you are completely at rest, this is meditation. Once you find a way to do it, then you will be immersed in it, then you can stick with it for as long as you want, even 24 hours.

perfect place for meditation--

Find a place for meditation that enhances meditation, like sitting under a tree, make one corner of the house a meditation room, get a little closer to nature, go to the mountains near the rivers, wherever the Tao vibrates, illuminates Its flowing. He should go and meditate.

It means that as far as possible, choose a place where nature has not been disturbed yet, if there is no such place, then close the door in your own house and make a place of meditation in a room, but that room is only used for meditation. Yes, because any act that we do creates some waves behind it, if you just meditate on that place, then that place becomes meditate every day when you meditate, that place drinks up your waves. The next day when you come, the same waves start returning to you, these waves will help in meditation, respond, respond, and once this art has come, then you can meditate wherever you want...
Just as a tree gets its roots when it grows up, then no matter how much wind comes, clouds roar, rain comes, everything is fine. This strengthens the tree, but when the same tree is small, then even a small gust of wind is dangerous for it. An animal passing by can also destroy it.
power of meditation 2022

power meditation techniques--

be happy--

The posture of the body should be such that you can forget your body. The only meaning of rest is that we forget our bodies. As long as we remember our body, we are in trouble, then whether we sit on a chair or sit on the ground is not a question. Be it somewhere or stay, just be happy, because when your body is not happy, then you cannot expect those blessings which are related to very deep levels.
If we miss the first level itself, then all the other planes are closed, if you really want to be happy and blissful then learn to be blissful from the very beginning, and for those who are trying to reach bliss, the body Keeps them happy is of paramount importance to them.

start with catharsis--

First of all, cleanliness is very important, it is important to have catharsis. Otherwise, no matter how much pranayama, yoga asana, or accomplishment you do, nothing will happen, and everything will be buried inside.
When you let everything go out, the sitting will decrease like this, and the postures will decrease like this. This would be an easy event. And a wonderful thing happens, start with catharsis, and then something good can grow within you. It will have a different quality, a different beauty - totally different, it will be authentic.
Start meditation not with sitting, in the beginning, do neuroticism, take chaotic breaths to dance, jump, cry, laugh whatever you can do chaotically or let it happen madly chaotically, then imagine the opposite of what will happen. Can't even a limitless peace will surround you from all sides. This means, do not suppress, do not suppress, do not suppress, have to come out. After that, we can go into a very silent, calm, and deep meditation or it will be easier to get into meditation.

be playful-

 Thousands of people miss meditation because meditation has taken the wrong meaning. Meditation seems very serious, it seems sad, and there is some church thing in it. It seems it is only for those people who have either died or are almost dead, who are sad, and serious, whose faces are hanging, who have lost all enthusiasm, cheerfulness, fun, and celebration.
This is the quality of meditation, whoever is meditative, life is fun for him, life is a pastime, a game. He enjoys life. He is not serious and sad, he is calm. he is motionless.

be patient--

Do not rush into meditation, most of the time it is too late, when your thirst awakens, wait patiently, the more intense the waiting, the sooner the meditation will descend.
You have sown the seeds, now sit comfortably and see what happens, the seed will break, it will bloom, slowly a tree will be formed, everything takes time, you should work but leave the result to God. Nothing goes in vain in life, especially the steps taken toward God.
But many times impatience comes along with thirst, but it is a hindrance, to keep the thirst always and let the impatience go.
Truth cannot be attacked suddenly, truth can be found by surrender, not by struggle, it can be found only by complete surrender.

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