Pranayama Breathing

 Amazing Benefits of Pranayama Breathing

what is pranayama breathing?

Pranayama breathing is an attempt to connect body and mind in harmony, if one is working to connect nature and body together, it is breathing or if you understand that someone is keeping our life alive every moment, then That's the breath. Before understanding Pranayama, I will say 2-3 things in this regard, on which pay attention,

First of all, it is important to understand that breathing is very closely related to pranayama, generally, you must have seen or felt that when we are angry the breath moves differently, and when we are calm. Then he goes to the other side, in sex the speed of breathing becomes somewhat different, and when the breathing is very slow and deep, the mind begins to experience an unprecedented peace. The whole state of mind and body is dependent on the breath.

By reading the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, we come to know that the fourth and most important part of Raja Yoga is Pranayama. It places a great value on what is known to all as breath. Nevertheless, pranayama is actually a systematic practice of life energy. Pranayama is to inhale and exhale in a particular rhythm and in a certain amount of time. When one practices pranayama, the proportion of breath is important to control the amount of energy drawn by him.

do pranayama

Specific pranayama methods are practiced that can bring about a variety of different benefits, thereby improving the mental and physical quality of life. There are many different benefits of pranayama, which are practiced in all forms of yoga, and the energy can be kept under control, people who regularly practice the methods of yoga can fully reap their benefits. can understand. find. Pranayama benefits our inner mind and body in many ways.

Pranayama for longevity and slow breathing

Since the breathing itself is very controlled, in all forms of yoga, a trainee student learns to control the volume of his breath, it is believed that by doing pranayama an average of 15 breaths per minute slows down to about 5 breaths per minute or less. it happens. This reduces one's overall breathing rate by about a third. According to yoga philosophy, it is believed that your life expectancy depends on the number of breaths you take throughout your life. So the slower you breathe, the longer you will be alive and young.

Pranayama for Emotional Health

This decreased respiratory rate leads to a lower heart rate, lower blood pressure, healthier internal organs, a relaxed body, and a state of euphoria. It's a great deal, and Breathe is free. In fact, pranayama for drug release deserves intensive study and research. Even though it may not always work, pranayama is much less expensive than standard drug rehabilitation methods; And when Pranayama is practiced properly, it does not have any bad side effects. Rather it has many advantages.

Pranayama for Heart Health

Pranayama practice gives importance to healthy and better blood circulation in the body. As you take deep and controlled breaths, more oxygen enters your lungs and travels through circulation to every cell in your body. By improving blood circulation, your heart health will also improve a lot. The heart does the hardest work of our vital organs. According to some scholars, the heart beats about 100,000 times per day. The amount of oxygen that reaches your heart is important for maintaining a long and healthy life.

Pranayama improves and smooths the functions of loose organs of the body. The practice of pranayama improves digestion power and reduces the chances of getting diseases related to the digestive system. Meaning: We need a certain amount of oxygen within the digestive system to maintain a steady and smooth flow. Pranayama reduces physical and mental exhaustion, which will make your mind calm and well, you will feel more energetic, as well as strengthen your immune system. The fact is that pranayama requires deep controlled breathing where you are taking in large and deep amounts of oxygen, then your internal organs are getting the proper amount of oxygen to function properly. This much-needed oxygen helps in the removal of toxins from the body, which plays an important role in the prevention of diseases.

Pranayama for mental health

Pranayama has amazing benefits for mental health. With breathing techniques or pranayama, you can free your mind and mind from negative thoughts, as soon as you release the thoughts of your mind through breathing, your stress will automatically decrease. Pranayama prepares your mind for meditation. This will help you to get control of your mind. You will experience a richer spiritual inner peace and a more restful healthy sleep.

Pranayama for overall health

Pranayama greatly improves your memory and concentration level. As we age, lung function naturally decreases. Pranayama can improve lung function with age. The use of pranayama also proves to be very helpful in maintaining youth for a long time.

The sages of ancient India have found some such breathing methods that free the body and mind from stress and diseases. These procedures can be done on an empty stomach at any time of the day. Let us see which procedure is useful in which situation.

Here we are going to tell you 4 powerful breathing techniques, with the regular use of which you can make your life stress free and healthy happy.

>Kapalbhati (Skull-polishing)---

The root word of Kapalbhati is Kapal meaning skull or frontal, and Bhati meaning radiance or radiance, this pranayama cleanses the body as part of a yogic action. Its regular practice brings an internal effect on the face, Kapal Bhati is a very energetic upper abdominal breathing exercise.

How is Kapalbhati performed?

To do this pranayama, the stomach must be completely empty and clean.

First of all, sit in Padmasana posture, keep the waist and spine straight, and keep both hands on the knees in a relaxed position, now while exhaling the breath rapidly and pulling the stomach inward and inward, do it repeatedly. Repeat this process 20-25 times in the beginning, then increase it daily for about 15 minutes daily.

Other benefits of Kapalbhati-

Improves digestion, fatal diseases like constipation, and piles are cured.

The liver cures kidney diseases and gives them strength

Helps to keep the mind relaxed

Increases the working capacity of the lungs, strengthens them

Removes toxic and waste materials from the body

clear stomach regularly

Skin comes out brighter and brighter on the face


If there is a complaint of heart disease, high blood pressure, and gas in the stomach, this pranayama should be done slowly (60 times in a minute).

Do not do this pranayama in a dusty-fumes-smelling, closed, and hot environment.

Do not do it at the time of menstruation and during pregnancy.

Do not do this if you have a fever, diarrhea, or extreme weakness.

Do not do this pranayama when you are constipated. Clean the stomach by mixing lemon in lukewarm water and do it only after that.

Many people do this pranayama several times a day so that the outside stomach gets reduced quickly, which is harmful.

Do not do Kapal Bhati Pranayama for 4 hours after eating food.

>Bhastrika Pranayama-(breathing exercise)--

 is one of the conscious breathing and exhaling techniques of yoga. Bhastrika is a Sanskrit word that means to inhale the breath as fast as a bellows and exhale as fast as possible.

Method of Bhastrika
Pranayama Breathing

Sit in Padmasana or Sukhasana. Keeping both the hands on the knees, keeping the waist, neck, back, and spine straight, keep the body absolutely stable in a relaxed position. After this, without moving the body, slowly inhale through both the nostrils, filling the entire lungs as much as possible. Then exhale rapidly by throwing it outwards. Repeat this process over and over again, inhale and exhale. This action is called Bhastrika Pranayama. Both our hands will remain on the knees in the posture of knowledge and the eyes will remain closed. Take care not to break our rhythm while inhaling and exhaling. Do this for 5 minutes in the beginning and later on increasing the time, do it for 15 minutes every day.

Benefits of Bhastrika Pranayama

Makes the lungs healthy and strong
Respiratory asthma allergy disease is removed
flushes out toxins from the body
maintains blood circulation
Improves memory and is very beneficial in mental stress
The problem of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha is removed.
The digestive system remains strong, and due to the availability of sufficient oxygen to the kidney, liver, and all the organs, the organs remain healthy.


  People who have complaints or diseases of high blood pressure, hernia, heart disease, asthma, ulcer, TB, stroke, or stones, should not do it. If there is any problem in the lungs in the throat or the nasal bone is large, the nose is closed, and while doing this, if there is dizziness, nervousness, or excessive sweating, then stop it and lie down in a relaxed position. And do it only after consulting a doctor.

>Anulom Vilom Pranayama (breathing exercise)--

  In Anulom-Vilom Pranayama, the breath is slowly inhaled through the right nostril, and without any stress and discomfort, as much as possible pauses for a few moments, then exhales rapidly through the left nostril. Again, in the same way, the breath is slowly drawn in through the left nostril, then the breath is exhaled rapidly through the right nostril. Breathing through the other nostril is said to have many physical and psychological benefits, including stress reduction and improved breathing and circulation. There is some scientific evidence that supports some of these claims. While doing this also, keep the spine straight, do not stifle the body, and sit in a relaxed position.

Benefits of Anulom Vilom-

They remain healthy by getting enough oxygen in the brain and lungs.
Gets relief from problems like migraine
It removes problems like stress anxiety depression
The light of the eyes increases and the glow on the skin and face is generated.
Useful in curing brain disorders
The dirt accumulated in the lungs comes out
Insomnia diseases are removed, the mind remains healthy and happy, and the body remains energetic.

Disadvantages of Anulom Vilom Pranayama-

Any pranayama never causes any harm to the body or it does not cause any harm. Similarly, Anulom Vilom Pranayama also does not cause any harm to the body. It does harm only when we do not follow some precautions and do this pranayama in the wrong way. just the right way to do it.

>Bhramari Pranayama--

How is Bhramari Pranayama done?

 to do it first
 Sit in a cool and clean well-ventilated place and close your eyes. The spine should be straight, the waist should be straight then
Keep both your thumbs in both the ears and place the middle and index fingers on both the eyes.
Keeping your mouth closed, breathe in and out through your nose. While exhaling, utter OM or as a bumblebee hums, thus making an echo sound, then take a deep breath and then exhale while uttering OM, resonate loudly, resonate with your hair and hair.
Repeat this process 5 to 7 times. Then increase it every day for 15 minutes.
According to yoga experts, the training of this pranayama can be mainly recommended for those human beings who have regular stress problems. This pranayama is considered very wonderful for reducing problems like sleep, blood pressure, and stress. Let us understand the fitness benefits of doing Bhramari Pranayama in the next slides.
Pranayama Breathing

Benefits of Bhramari Pranayama-

This is the best way to relieve stress. It helps to keep your mind calm.
Bhramari Pranayama controls and lowers blood pressure, thereby providing relief from high blood pressure.
It removes mental stress and, for a sound healthy sleep, it is included in the form of regular yoga in the morning and nighttime.
Bhramari Pranayama by stimulating the pineal and pituitary glands to secrete them
The use of Bhramari Pranayama helps to calm down the anger.
It prevents heart blockage.
By doing this the depth of sleep can also be increased.

Take special care of these things(bee breathing technique)

Although there are no side effects of Bhramari Pranayama, however, practicing it incorrectly does not provide any benefit. Do not do it when there is an ear infection or irritation in the ear.
People suffering from chest pain, high blood pressure, or epilepsy should not do Bhramari Pranayama. It is very important to practice yoga properly.

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