What is constipation, who has it, and the home remedy?

Along with adults, nowadays children are also getting affected by it, through this article today, we will know the prevention and remedy due to constipation.

Home Remedy For Constipation

what is constipation...

Constipation is one such problem because the patient's stomach is no longer cleaned properly and there are many problems during defecation. The person suffering from this has to go for defecation many times. Laziness remains during the day due to a lack of stomach. I don't have any work experience. Due to the problem of constipation, one has to exert more pressure to have a bowel movement, and one has to sit for hours. Not only this, man or woman has to consume and drink very carefully. Is this happening to you too, are you also suffering from constipation, and in favor of home remedies for constipation?

Due to the problem of constipation for a long time, there is a possibility of many diseases. So do not leave the symptoms of constipation anymore, get treatment as an alternative to it. Many home remedies have been prescribed in Ayurveda for the problem of constipation. You can go without any problem and deal with constipation at home with these great tips.

Why does constipation happen?

Today's wrong diet is responsible for constipation to a great extent, in which the most important role is to eat marketable food such as fast food like pizza 'burgers', things made from oil, etc.

distance from these things
fast food
junk food
more rest
drink less water
long seating
long sleep

 If there is a complaint of constipation, then people become more dependent on the most dependent allopathy treatment, which is not the right way, it does not mean that allopathy is wrong or it is not beneficial but it is cured only for a limited time and its If it becomes a habit, then the body may have to suffer a lot.
    Apart from this, if we make a little effort, we can get rid of this disease by staying at home, just a little effort and a little change in habits can give you better health.

These 10 home remedies are sure to cure constipation...

1. After waking up from sleep in the morning, drink as much water as possible, drink a solution of lemon water and black salt, if the water is slightly lukewarm, then it is better to drink water or solution slowly and drink it sitting down for more benefits.

2. After dinner, mix one spoon of honey in a glass of water and consume it before going to sleep, it cleans the stomach well in the morning and the constipation problem goes away.

3. After getting out of bed in the morning, taking 5-6 raisins on an empty stomach, almost equal to the amount of cashew, also cures constipation, and eating 5-6 raisins before going to bed after meals at night, it cleans the stomach well in the morning.

4. Consumption of three fruits {amla, Terminalia bellirica, and black myrobalan} with lukewarm water every night before sleeping, the problem of constipation is removed.

5. Before sleeping at night, drink castor oil with lukewarm milk and go to sleep by clearing the stomach in the morning.

6. PSYLLIUM husk is being used in constipation for centuries, it is consumed by heating water or milk lightly and mixing the husk in that water or milk, its use ends the problem of constipation.

7. Consumption of papaya and guava is considered very beneficial to get beautiful skin along with constipation, they can be consumed anytime.

8. Soak kismis in water for some time and then consume it, you will definitely get relief from the problem of constipation. Apart from this, the consumption of figs is also very beneficial in constipation.

9. Spinach vegetable or its soup is also a great way to remove constipation, eating raw spinach is also a way to remove constipation.

10. To avoid constipation, exercise and yoga should be done regularly, it also removes the disease of constipation.

              Acupuncture - A Remedy for Constipation

 Acupuncture is a positive treatment for treating constipation. You ought to have bowel moves two to 3 instances a day. If you are now not experiencing popular bowel actions or have a painful passage of difficult stools, it can lead to bowel obstruction and disease. It is necessary to be ordinary thru a secure technique like acupuncture.

Acupuncture helps to fix applicable circulation, remove aches, and stabilize the body. In Chinese medicine, constipation is triggered by means of a limit in the spleen and stomach. It additionally outcomes in dryness of the giant intestines from ingredients that no longer guide the digestive process.

Acupuncture factors in unique have an impact on gastrointestinal motility, performing as a treatment for constipation. Acupuncture redress can loosen up the colon, spleen, and belly to inspire movement. In addition, herbs specifically formulated for constipation can be created, which will loosen up caught chi and fix intestinal function. Qi is the layer of existence force.

Acute constipation is commonly resolved inside two acupuncture remedies and with the use of natural laxatives from an acupuncturist. Eating high-fiber ingredients will assist with the success of your acupuncture treatment.

The fully recommended aspect of acupuncture is that you can deal with a couple of signs in one session. You can get therapy for constipation, hair fall, shoulder ache, and headache in a single day.

In addition, acupuncture is totally safe. It has been practiced in China for extra than 5,000 years. Most insurance plan businesses now cowl acupuncture treatments. It is one of the most usually used choice remedies in the cutting-edge world.

Most adults, guys, and women, "suffer" from commonplace constipation. They are constantly on the lookout for easy and superb methods, strategies, or strategies that assist them to get comfort from constipation.

Constipation is a very frequent situation and constantly will be. This can be due to a giant range of factors, such as the way of life – weight loss plan and exercising plan; work surroundings - stress; And many different contributing elements from the meals and drinks we consume in our everyday lives.

In most cases, bad weight-reduction plans and lack of bodily exercise are concepts to be the foremost motives of constipation. Different factors—the least contributing factors—come from dairy products, greasy and fried foods, and liquids like alcohol and caffeine, to title a few, which can purpose constipation problems.

Although plenty has been stated about some of the merchandise stated above, which may additionally supply some advantages for our health, for instance, alcohol and dairy products, they are all endorsed in moderation and typically primarily based on a structured diet plan. have to be mixed with. And any kind of exercise.

Without the combination, persistent constipation is an actual opportunity as incorrect vitamins and a bad lifestyle will make a contribution to blockage in the gastrointestinal tract. A blockage, or fecal infection, happens when stool that sticks to the partitions of the colon and intestines builds up to the factor of inflicting a blockage.

When this blockage occurs, the waste will now not go freely underneath the have an impact on a stool, and strain will commence to construct up on the stomach and decrease back. If the waste is now not eliminated from the physique in time, the bloodstream will commence reabsorbing the micro organism existing in the waste and purpose continual poisoning.

It is a time period coined by means of Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov, a Russian biologist and physiologist. All these wastes or toxins will proceed to motive poisoning for a lengthy time, he added. This is the principal purpose of the place human beings used to fall unwell and grow to be victims of diseases. Because this "toxin" will weaken the typical immune device in common and make your physique greater prone to contamination and disease.

If the blockage is now not cleared and too plenty waste accumulates, important contamination will begin in the physique and the man or woman will get septicemia or blood poisoning. Death is a very actual opportunity as soon as septicemia has begun.

I had heard in old age how it started happening in children due to constipation? Got it?

The mother of 3-year-old Saransh is getting her son's constipation problem treated by the doctor for the last four months. At the same time, four-year-old Dhara has become dependent on constipation medicine at this young age. As soon as the drug is stopped, the problem of loss of motion starts again for 7-8 days. In children who go to the doctors for stomach-related diseases, 25 to 30 percent suffer from the problem of constipation. The solution to this problem related to the stomach of children is not in any medicine for constipation but in the right lifestyle. In the last 10-20 years, due to the adoption of foreign-influenced food habits, the complaint of constipation in young children is increasing continuously.

Why does constipation happen?

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A one-year-old passes stools once or twice a day. That is, if the child is not passing stool even once a day, he is having difficulty in doing so or has to make more pressure, then it should be considered a complaint of constipation. Sometimes this problem increases to such a level that the child does not pass stool for 5 to 6 days and then he has to give an enema. In such a situation, the child has pain in passing stool, so the child starts trying to avoid passing the stool. In children, there is a problem of irritability and lack of mood due to not clearing the stomach.

a side effect of persistent constipation

Due to persistent constipation, the size of the rectum (the area where stool is stored) gradually increases, which reduces the activity of the intestine. It takes a long time to bring the rectum back to its place, during which the baby may have to face difficulties.

Two major causes of constipation

1 Lifestyle and food-related... 90% of children complain of constipation related to food or lifestyle such as not using the toilet in the right posture, excessive use of junk food in food, etc. it is non-organic

Also called the constitution. relative...

2 Illness or nature-related can be caused by nature or any disease like celiac i.e. allergy to wheat, allergy to milk, hypothyroid or physical should be given. There must be a problem with the structure. It is also called an organic constitution.

Why is constipation becoming a common problem?

Junk food, excessive use of foods made from maida. Do not eat green vegetables or fiber-rich things. Bringing the phone, watching TV, or playing a game while staying at home instead of playing outside the house. Due to less physical exercise, the working speed of the intestines slows down.

Parents themselves sleep late and wake up late, children also wake up late and do not have time to defecate. Redmi Note from going two in cool

to stop

Constipation can become a problem.

Methods of diagnosis and prevention

Develop the habit of eating more and more fruits and vegetables in children, especially green vegetables like spinach, fenugreek, cabbage, coriander, cucumber, onion, peas, etc. Include salad in both meals. Give seasonal fruits regularly.

2 If the child is complaining of constipation, then gradually change his habits. Eating habits cannot be changed immediately. Therefore, feed the child a bowl of salad, fruit, or smoothie before eating things made of maida like pizza, noodles, burgers, pasta, chowmein, and pav bhaji. By doing this, he will eat less fast food, while the fiber in the body will also be fulfilled.

3 If the child drinks more milk and eats fewer solids, then reduce milk in his diet and give more salad and solid food.

Give less in eating rice and things made of rice. Use vegetables or pulses in equal quantity in rice.

Give cold drinks, maida biscuits, chocolate, and 5 chocolate milk powder, etc. to food in small quantities, they can increase the problem of constipation.

6 Take the child for a walk in the morning with a bottle of water. He should walk for 1-2 km and drink 1-2 liters of water. Eat more and more liquid food like vegetable soup, rabri, lemonade

7 To improve the child, first change yourself. If you have to feed fruits and salads to the child, then sit on your own and eat together. If you want to teach to drink a glass of lukewarm water in the morning, then drink it yourself and if you want to teach to stay away from the phone, then make it yourself. The child will learn what you do, not what you teach, he will learn.

'Hurry, you are late for school' 8 Parents often ask the child to come out of the toilet by saying. This makes the child uncomfortable. To avoid this, there should be a gap of one hour between the time the child wakes up in the morning and goes to school. This will give the child 10 to 15 minutes of time on the toilet seat. Training to use toilet seat AI QUAD CAMERA should be given after three years.

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Keep these things in mind...

• If the child's constipation problem is not getting better in 2 to 6 months, then understand that it is serious. • The child should be given constipation medicine on time. dosage

Doctor's advice before making any changes in

Be sure to take

• Stay in touch with only one doctor for treatment. and follow their instructions. frequent doctor changes

There is no solution to the problem.

• Make a stool chart or diary and follow the instructions given by the doctor accordingly.

• Treating if there is an incision in the anal area

Otherwise, the patient will not get rest.

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