Mother and baby fitness

 Health and fitness fusion - with mother and child

  In the age of competition, absolutely everyone is busy mountaineering the ladder of success. Whether the street is rocky or smooth. Alam is that many dad and mom additionally pressure their adolescents to climb the ladder of success on their own. For this, aside from studies, they seem to be for capabilities in them. They favor their adolescents to be uncovered to many new things. Be multilingual, and be acquainted with acting, dancing, robotics, coding, martial arts, and gymnastics. There are additionally specific colleges in the cities for this. If seen, dad and mom are additionally no longer wrong. He wishes the young people to end up all-rounders and be successful in the aggressive and technological age. For this, education is being given to the young people considering the fact that childhood. In this sequence, the childhood of the kids is lost. Obviously, adolescents ought to be bored if they are concerned about so many activities. They have to have felt lonely and unhappy somewhere. After all, what a burden have we positioned on them? In such a situation, you can join adolescents with yoga. Yoga helps in the all-around improvement of children.

 When both mother and child do some physical exercise together every day, then an unbreakable relationship of health and happiness is created between the two, not only the body remains fit, but also mental stress and diseases remain away.

Let's know some new ways of small happiness in life..

1-Dance with 2-6-year-olds...

Mothers dance with children of this age, go to the garden, sit on the seat and do light exercises with them like getting up and jumping, etc. Play with the kids and play with the ball, make them sit on their backs and walk with them with the help of their hands

Advantages of Step>

When children see a mother or father doing anything directly, they start learning in the same way, so mother and child should do the above process daily, child will also learn discipline by exercise done in bed, and between mother and child, A new rule will be drawn up. few moments. You will feel the lightness of being like a child, you will be filled with an infinite and wonderful joy watching you as a child with children. Dancing with kids also releases endorphin hormones, which gives wonderful pleasure.

2. Ran with 6-10-year-olds...

Exercise with children, play tug of war with long clothes or rope, get up early in the morning or run after sunset, and do this process together with mother and child. Teach some simple yoga poses along with the yoga activities - eg, Mountain Pose, Easy Pose, Corpse Pose, Child Pose, etc. Along with the child, do yoga on your own.

Advantages of Step>

Through this process, the child's body, as well as the mind, will be strong and strong, which means the child will be physically and mentally strong; Along with this, the mother will also get physical strength such as - back pain, back pain, arm pain, knee pain, There will be a lot of relief from these troubles. And the body will be healthy, you are already aware of the wonderful benefits of running in the morning, running keeps the body energetic throughout the day, by doing these activities, both mother and child get physically and mentally. There will be amazing benefits.

3. Do yoga and exercise with 10-14-year-olds...

Jump rope with these kids, do exercises that create tension in the body, such as running, playing, swimming, wall push-ups, and examples include brisk walking, jogging, swimming and cycling.
Do yoga in which the following mainly -

A. cobra stretch>

B.Mountain Pose >

C. Supported Shoulder stand>

D.a diamond or thunderbolt>


Yoga is recommended for humans of all ages, Yogasanas can additionally be saved healthful for the fitness of children, and effortless yoga postures are additionally really useful for children.
We can preserve your physique healthy by way of doing yoga. Yoga can be finished by way of a character of all ages, whether or not he is massive or small. Children's physique is very flexible, due to which they no longer have tons of trouble doing yoga. If yoga is blanketed in the events from childhood, then fitness stays wholesome in the course of life. 

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